glenn martinez


my artwork is reflective of the multitude of orbits and intersections that encompass all that is

i contemplate the dimensions of our personal cycles—and smita reminds me that we are simply comprised of spinning electrons. we're in constant motion from within, while subject to all the rhythms and rotations from without

i consider our many forms of relationships, all of which maintain independent yet reciprocal trajectories, often affected by light and gravity. much less of the latter if it's with a dog

i think about decisions—those specific, momentary, intersections of thought and time where fate leans back, watches and learns, while we swivel wildly around the sun, holding on with our toes

i daydream and as much as my schedule permits, but generally i don't idle. i am a bizzling, scribbling fool, trying my best not to get too dizzy as i anticipate another revolution


Glenn Martinez enjoys work much more than you would think a person ought to, is a licensed pilot, lead guitarist, former extreme skier, +EV poker player and circus impresario. And in the unlikely event of an unscheduled water landing, Glenn may be used as a flotation device.

Glenn is co-founder of Branditecture, a strategic branding agency located in San Francisco.
Glenn is co-flounder of Cirqué dü Silly, a life-sized cartoon circus.